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Important announcement, Summer 2020:

If you are looking for the 5:2 or Dirty Diet websites, they are being redeveloped but you can still download the free workbooks by following the newsletter sign-up links below. For a TDEE calculator, try this (opens in a new link). Or access the free podcasts here.

My 5:2 story

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I never expected to become a diet guru - but after starting intermittent fasting in 2012, I lost 2 stone/16kg in weight and have stayed a healthy weight ever since. I set up a ¡®small¡¯ Facebook group which then grew to over 60,000 members worldwide and then wrote The 5:2 Diet Book based on my experiences, followed by another 4 recipe and health books.

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I also wrote The Dirty Diet - ditch the guilt, love your food - which combines a personalised approach to fasting with ideas for improving your gut health and immunity through a varied, enjoyable range of foods.

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You can receive a free 32-page e-book combining tools for 5:2 and The Dirty Diet by subscribing to my very occasional newsletter (I only send it when I develop a new free tool or resource).

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Recipe books for fasting and healthy eating

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