my (many) novels


I always loved stories - first as a reader and then a writer.

Now I write in FOUR different genres - yes, it¡¯s crazy, but it works for me. I write psychological thrillers as Kate Helm, epic and emotional love stories that book groups might enjoy as Eva Carter, plus lighter romantic comedies and my creepy Young Adult trilogy, Soul Beach as Kate Harrison.

Wonder Why i write under different names?

Scroll down for the answer¡­

House Share.jpg

kate helm

thrillers with characters you won¡¯t forget

The House Share and The Secrets You Hide


Eva Carter

life-changing stories of love and heroism

How to Save a Life - out March 2021

Secret Shopper pb Oct version.jpg

Kate Harrison

romantic comedies & YA thrillers

From The Secret Shopper¡¯s Revenge to the Soul Beach trilogy.

Why do I write in different names?

Reason 1:

After becoming an accidental diet guru, it got REALLY CONFUSING to find diet books and fiction under the same name. so when I decided to return to fiction, writing thrillers, it made sense to separate these out. And when I then wrote How to Save a Life, a novel inspired by my real-life experience of actually saving someone¡¯s life, it was so different to what i¡¯d written before that we went with another to avoid confusion. Let¡¯s see if that works out¡­

reason 2:

It¡¯s always nice to reinvent yourself¡­